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01/10/2011: Inert companies damage environment

Inert companies damage environment

Luanda - Angolan Environment minister, Fátima Jardim, accused the companies dedicated to collecting inert as the most responsible for harming the environment, as the result of their activity.

The minister stressed this point of view on the sidelines of the “Higher Level Seminar on Licence and Environment Impact Evaluation”, adding that the middle and great projects of inert exploitation should study the environment impact, before starting the activity, avoiding to be judged.

The government official said that all urbanism plans must cover environment impact studies before being implemented, to guarantee protection of the environment.

As an example, the Executive carried out a study during almost one year, on the impact strategic evaluation all over the country’s land reserve, in a common work involving the ministries of Environment and Urbanism.

“As result of this work, in the new centralities built under the Executive responsibility, environment issues were taken into consideration, with great green spaces”, said the minister.