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02/02/2013: Angola at international mining conference

Angola at international mining conference

Luanda – Angola will attend the 19th International Mining Conference (Mining Indaba) from February 4-7 in Cape Town, South Africa.

During the meeting, the Angolan delegation to the meeting headed by the minister of Geology and Mining, Francisco Queiróz, will present the Mining Code and the main actions being carried out by the country to improve the knowledge of the sector and diversify the activity.

The delegation will also seize the opportunity to attract potential investors for mining projects in Angola.

Mining Indaba is organised every year in Africa and is the greatest of its kind in terms of promotion and attraction of investments in the sector.

In addition to the event, an international fair is held where several countries display their potential in the mining sector, and seek partnership and lure investors. The event will be attended by mining investors, banks and service providers.

Angola will be present with companies such as ENDIAMA, SODIAM, FERRANGOL and others from the sector.

It is worth mentioning that there are in Angola prospecting projects in the fields of diamond, phosphate, copper, gold, rare earths and basic minerals, designed to reinforce the capacity for exploration of ornamental rocks and other raw materials needed in the industry.

The sector started negotiations with internationally renowned partners for the exploration in the north of  phosphates and potassium for the production of fertilisers, aiming at the development of agriculture and construction of a complex for processing of ores.

The activities led to the discovery of copper reserves in the provinces of Cabinda, Moxico and Kuando Kubango and  iron in Huila and Kwanza Norte.

Angola began the exploration of bauxite in the provinces of Kwanza Sul and Uige, and also develops similar initiatives in Mbanza Congo and Lunda Norte.

The substantial increase in the production of quartz and construction materials of mineral origin is leading to increased production of pebble, sand and gravel in the country.

Under a joint venture between the public and private sectors,  Angola resumed the exploration of iron and manganese through an integrated project that includes iron and steel industry.

In the diamond sub-sectors there are actions aimed at the exploration, in addition to valorization of all stages of the chain of this industry.

This subsector has signed several contracts for exploration and exploitation with domestic and foreign companies, with the aim of, in  the next few years, making a major contribution to the economic growth of the country
with the implementation of various projects, mainly in rural areas.

The challenges in the Angolan mining sector are still huge and the way is still long, if one takes into account the numerous imbalances suffered by the world economy in recent times hat directly or indirectly affected the country’s 
growth, observers consider.