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09/09/2011: Vice-minister wants close supervision of electoral process

Vice-minister wants close supervision of electoral process

Benguela - The vice-minister for Institutional and Electoral Affairs, Adão de Almeida, Friday in southern Benguela province spoke of permanent supervision of electoral registration process across the country by all citizens, with a view to achieve the outlined goals.

Adão de Almeida said so to the press after a meeting with provincial governor, Armando da Cruz Neto, during which he hailed the indication of work on the process underway in Benguela province.

He also guaranteed the increase of number of brigades of electoral registration with a view to intensify the mobilization of the existing 860,000 voters in Benguela to update their electoral registration.

Adão de Almeida’s two-day working visit to Benguela province is intended to assess the updating of registration process running from 29 July and scheduled to end on 16 December.