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24/05/2012: President announces general elections for August 31

President announces general elections for August 31

Luanda - The Angolan head of State, José Eduardo dos Santos, announced in Luanda the presidential and legislative elections for August 31, 2012 in line with the Constitution and concerned law in force in the country.

The information is contained in a press note from the Civil Office of the Presidency of the Republic delivered to ANGOP.

According to the source, under the Organic Law on General Elections, certified copies of the Presidential Decree will be forwarded to the Constitutional Court and National Electoral Commission (CNE).

The note adds that the president also issued a decree authorizing the minister of Finance to allocate a portion of 2012 State Budget to fund the expenses of contesting political parties and coalitions.

The decree puts at Akz 9.6 million (about Usd 96,000) the amount to be allocated to each of the registered political parties.

The Angolan head of State, convened in Luanda a session of the Council of the Republic to set up the date for the general elections in the country. The president’s consultation body recommended August 31 as a plausible date for
the ballot.

The Council of the Republic gathers the vice president of the Republic, the National Assembly speaker,  the chief judge of the Constitutional Court, the Angolan general attorney, the vice president of the ruling MPLA party, leaders
of political parties with Parliament seat  and other personalities.