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Train of Peace and Development – Angola moves ahead towards progress

Washington – The Angolan President, José Eduardo dos Santos, inaugurated the train station of Luau, eastern Moxico province, the last one of the Benguela Railways (CFB).

The inauguration of the last train station of CFB, to boost the development of Lobito corridor, was witnessed by the Presidents of Zambia, Edgar Lungu, and of DR Congo, Joseph Kabila. Luau train station is comprised by one main platform of passengers, technical building of telecommunications and signing, besides three platforms for departure and arrival of passengers.

CFB finished on the River Luau the symbol of the border division between Angola and DR Congo, having been rebuilt a new bridge over the River Luau. Benguela Railways were rehabilitated under the programe for the development of Angola, outlined by the Angolan government, has its main station in Lobito, Benguela province, and it ends in Luau municipality, in Moxico province.

On occasion the Angolan minister of Transports, Augusto da Silva Tomás said while talking to the national press “this is a train of victory, peace, reconstruction and development as it came out of Lobito, has passed by the provinces of Huambo, Bié and now in Luena, province of Moxico, on the way to Luau” border with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In Luau, the train will be placed at the service of citizens, and used to transport people and goods, assume its transnational character supporting the “landlocked” countries like DRC and Zambia. Still according to the Angolan minister of Transport, Augusto Tomás, the two countries started agreements that will lead to completion of the rail extension that will get to DRC. In the project framework the Lobito Corridor railroad was completed on the Angolan side at the border area (Moxico).

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