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23/02/2015: Angola grants tourist visa with multiple entries

Angola grants tourist visa with multiple entries

Luanda - The Republic of Angola authorities begin next March to grant tourist and ordinary visas with multiple entries, announced today, Monday, in Luanda, the Minister of Interior, Angelo Veiga Tavares.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Broad Consultative Council of his ministry, Angelo Veiga Tavares explained that the ongoing modernization process in the Migration and Foreigners Service (SME) overcame the constraints that determined that no immediate application of the plurality of entries in certain visa types.

Indeed, stressed that for granting this type of visa should observe the extent permitted by law 02/07 of 31 August on the Foreign Legal System in Angola.

He informed that soon will become operational in February International Airport 4 in Luanda, the RAPID system that will allow Angolan and foreign citizens covered by the various existing agreements, the border transpose the (output and input) automatically, in ​​less than 15 seconds.

Angelo Veiga Tavares said, moreover, that his department is working to provide the Penitentiary Service of appropriate conditions and to address the phenomenon of overcrowding, to allow better management of prison life.
To this end, it considered that the direction of the Prison Service should give more discipline, rigor and control in compliance with the safety standards and discipline of staff and prisoners.

Considered essential that management is engaging with materialization of the law and targeted programs to ensure a successful process of rehabilitation and social reintegration of prisoners.

In relation to the Civil Protection and Fire Service, said that the agency should be aware and take the best preventive measures, so that they can minimize the negative effects of the rains announced for this time and any other disasters in all vulnerable regions.

The minister said that an important role should be reserved for the Criminal Investigation Service, which alongside its traditional functions and assist the prosecutor should pay particular attention to their relationship with the organs of the International Police, Interpol and other partners, either as part of their bilateral relations and multilateral.

Expressed, on the other hand, the need for a better relationship with media and the development of an appropriate communication plan, "in order to allow the public to know their activity and its work.

Scheduled to end Tuesday, the Board meets heads of central organs and provincial delegates of the Ministry of Interior, which among others stagger activities of the agency last year and positive prospects other actions.