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22/10/2011: Vice minister urges citizens to contribute to voter registration

Vice minister urges citizens to contribute to voter registration

Luanda - The deputy minister of Territory Administration, Adão de Almeida, urged Angolans to contribute to the success of the electoral registration update process, by going to the places that were created for such activity or mobilizing others who are not yet registered.

Adão de Almeida made this announcement during a special mass campaign to register women from various districts of Luanda, organized by the local Department of Family and Women Promotion, in partnership with the Provincial Electoral Registration department in Luanda.

Every Angolan woman is an agent in mobilizing others so as to allow the registration or reconfirmation of electoral data of family members, friends or colleagues.The voter registration, which runs from July to December across the country, said the deputy minister who noted that voter registration is a commitment to peace and democracy, taking into account that it enables citizens to choose their representatives in the organs of sovereignty, by voting.

During the reassessment of electoral data, the Angolan citizens are also choosing the polling station at which they will exercise this civic right in 2012.