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18/10/2011: Social Communication minister praises dedication of TPA personnel

Social Communication minister praises dedication of TPA personnel

Luanda  - The Social Communication minister, Carolina Cerqueira, highlighted in Luanda the professionalism and spirit of mission showed by the workers of the State-run owned “Televisão Pública de Angola” broadcasting station in offering a daily service seeking to meet the expectations of viewers.

In a message to congratulate TPA’s 36th anniversary today, October 18, 2011, the minister said that the professional engagement is noted within the borders of the country through the channels 1 and 2 and abroad through the international channel which, she added, can be considered as a relevant achievement that will remain in the history of the television station.

"May I, on my name and on behalf of the Social Communication Ministry staff, salute the management and employees of the Televisão Pública de Angola for one more anniversary," she said in her message.

 The minister also wished the date to be celebrated in an environment of joy for one more year of accomplished duty.

 To the minister, being the television an organ with the capacity to expand the horizon of comprehension of the phenomena that involves the societies and at the same time a factor that permits the perception of the actual world in other latitudes, the TPA workers daily work must always keep in mind the need for the construction of a society on the basis of a sound cohabitation environment.

These sound cohabitation environment standards, according to the minister, must serve to consolidate the institutions of the lawful, free and democratic State under construction in Angola.

 "On the basis of a plural information – strict management at the service of citizenship, we can feel happy, as the indicators show that the work done by the enterprise's management is on good path,” reads the minister’s message.

The source also stated that the station’s work aims to transform TPA into a reference brand, adjusted to the most modern standards of the world’s television chains.

Minister Carolina Cerqueira said the station’s management is faced with several challenges that should be seen as opportunities to show the potential at all levels, adjusting to the dynamics of the informative society whose technological revolution moves at an impressive speed.