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26/07/2011: CNE organizes workshop on models of organizing elections

Luanda – The National Electoral Commission (CNE) will organize on Friday, in Luanda, a workshop on models of organizing and managing electoral processes, with the objective of passing knowledge to participants about various models.

According to a press release from the CNE that ANGOP had access to, on Monday, with this action the institution intends to  inform citizens about models of organizing and managing elections in Angola, in particular, and other countries, namely South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Portugal.

The event aims also to collect experiences and contributions on models of organizing elections.

At the workshop, participants will discuss topics connected to models of electoral organization, experience of Zimbabwe, South Africa, Portugal, Mozambique and Angola, analyzing issues like the electoral logistics of Mozambique, the ICT in support of electoral

processes in South Africa and management of data basis, as well as organization of electoral registry in Portugal.

The action counts on two panels where the first speakers will make a generic presentation of models of organization and electoral management of each country, while the second includes specific topics on organization and electoral management of the mentioned countries.